Bee Tour

Nowadays, with the use of electronic devices, our children seldom enjoy the nature. Bee, as the pollinators for most plants on earth, serves a vital role in survival of plants. Learning about bees can help children to know more about our nature and Mother Earth.


In our bee farm tour, we can learn about:

  • The floral period of major nectar plants in Hong Kong
  • The anatomy and lifestyle of bee (e.g. why do they dance, who is their natural enemy etc.)
  • How bee keeper harvest honey
  • Know the importance of bee to our nature
  • Reasons for decreasing number of bees worldwide and how to solve the problem
  • How to provide a bee-friendly environment


  • Our bee keeper will introduce the anatomy of the bees, teach us to distinguish between the worker, the drone and the queen bee and their duties
  • Take a close look to our bees and bee hives with appropriate protective equipment and try our fresh honey.
  • Visit Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir to see our bee’s living environment
  • Take home with your own honey



  • Know the role and the importance of bee in our nature
  • Learn about the major nectar plants in Hong Kong
  • Understand how to harvest honey
  • Learn about the reasons for decreasing number of bees and the effect to our Earth
  • Know more about how to protect our bees
  • Take home with your own bottle of honey